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In EIMC our mission is clear: “Simply to be Egypt’s No. 1 distributor for highly sophisticated, ethical pharmaceuticals in specific therapeutic classes namely: Oncology, Intensive care, Anesthesia, Plasma and Blood derivatives and the new promising class of Biopharmaceuticals

· To achieve this ultimate objective we in EIMC chose a difficult path to seek distinct therapeutic agents and provide premium quality, carefully selected, Pharmaceutical products to the medical community, in a way to fill an existing gap and satisfy a need.

Setup & Structure
· We have the set up to promote EIMC ’s own imported products and recently the locally manufactured ones produced for EIMC using a third party’s facility.
Professionalism and specialization is the theme of marketing department.
Every and each company we represent have its own scientific office, sales and promotion team that consists of qualified, well trained medical representatives, sales supervisors, and directed by a sales manager. To secure our pre-dominant position in the market, we adopted an appropriate employee evaluation system to ensure building up professional and creative man power, In house training program is a continuous process through the whole year to sharpen the selling skills, improve, and update medical background of the 45 professional medical Representatives we currently have. EIMC’s sales trainer and the medical director work together to achieve this task.

Tenders business
· Because of the nature of our imported products, our sales to hospitals and institutions make up more than 70% share while sales to private sector account for the remaining 30%. This emphasizes EIMC’s concentration on ethical, life saving products. Our good exposure and strong presence in hospitals is attributed in its great part to the efforts of our field force and to the fact that we are the only private company that quote and make offers in all health –care tenders in this country. The introduction of our products into hospitals formularies, the big size of tender business consequently the great deal of logistics needed made it a must to have a special team for tenders to make the necessary follow up and ensure compliance with tenders conditions.

Future Plans
· We look at future with great enthusiasm, we plan to strengthen our position in the market through acquiring new principals and pharmaceutical suppliers who are known for their good reputation and high quality products that are needed for the Egyptian market mainly in the therapeutic classes we are focusing on in order to increase the range of products we have by adding new products, complementary to the existing range. Gradual switching to local manufacturing of some products in cooperation with our suppliers and new partners from abroad who have the expertise, know how, and could provide technical assistance is a strategic part of our business development plan to cope with the accelerating economic changes and government attitude in this direction. Our long term plan is to open new foreign markets and extend our activities to include the export of our locally manufactured products.For now we are leaders in our field, yet we would never say we are ideal, we prefer to keep saying “There is always a room for better performance”.

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