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TeleSales Services

EIMC have the pleasure to introduce Tele Sales service to the Egyptian market to ensure your sales services and to achieve the following benefits:-

Order delivery within 2 hours
· Decrease stagnant goods specially high priced ones

· Reduction of returned goods

· Expansion of your sales value with different drugs without looking for lost of stocking

· Avoidance of salesmen’s cycle & delay of order delivery

The service is free of charge with the same price same discount

same extra discount, or bonuses with additional discount for cash payment

· Added benefits without added cost to the pharmacy
· Gives you high level of sales value
· Increase the rate of capital cycle
· Avoidance of payment problem wit more than on source

Care for delivery even for the smallest order
· Repetition of your orders makes you a high grade customer

Excellent communications with scientific offices
· Helping you to move the stagnant products
· Solving the promotional troubles through the scientific offices specially when there is a new drug introduced to the market
7 days working days per week from 9 am to 10pm
· Your order will be delivered at any time of the day

· No more divided interest

Development is our issue

Try to use Tele Sales services and Call us now

Giza (202) - 3846455

Cairo (202) - 24184011

Sohag (2093) - 2305662

Menia (2086) - 2335135

Mansoura(2050) - 2528020

Alexandria (203) - 5297002

Assuit (088) - 2299461

Senblaween (050) - 4692277

Domyat (057) - 2424401

Damanhour (045) - 3191426